Arab Institute for Development Programmes & Studies is a non-profit organization headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, focusing on education, training and sustainable development.

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Objectives & Methods

AIDPS MENA-wide skills development programmes and systems strive to meet present and future labour market needs for skills and to improve productivity and competitiveness in the sectors which are critical for the achievement of national employment and development goals in MENA countries. Skills policies and systems encompass technical and vocational training, workplace learning, informal learning, learning opportunities in the informal and rural economies and education and training for lifelong learning. AIDPS offers a varied menu of training modules pertaining to these elements.

The main objective of this course is to help participants understand the central importance of identifying current and future skills needs and labour market imbalances in a broader policy framework, and to acquire basic knowledge. Modules will include drivers of change, critical milestones, questions, beneficiaries; understanding the different approaches to anticipating skills needs; different methods and tools related to qualitative and quantitative methods used for anticipating and matching skills needs; different institutional approaches

Training for Gender Equality

Training is a tool, strategy, and means to effect individual and collective transformation towards gender equality by raising awareness and encouraging learning, knowledge-building and skills development. It helps women and men to understand the role gender plays and to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for advancing gender equality in their daily lives and work. Training for gender equality is part and parcel of delivering our commitments to equal human rights for all.

A gender-balanced participation is sought. Training for gender equality and women’s empowerment is an essential component for our commitment to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Target Groups

Government entities and social partners; national training authorities; members of skills councils; ministries; international cooperation agencies; managerial and technical staff of institutions for the collection and analysis of labour market information.