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Migration, Refugees & Displacement

More and more people are on the move today compared to any other point in human history. In 2013, the United Nations estimated that there were 232 million international migrants globally, nearly half of whom were women.

Conflict and violence have forcibly displaced 60 million people worldwide, over 38 million of whom are internally displaced, and 19 million refugees. This is the highest number of displaced persons the world has seen since World War II. In mid-2015, there were more than four million registered Syrian refugees, a crisis that has spread beyond the region and into Europe.

Long-Term Issue of Migration

Migration and forced displacement are long-term issues that require long-term solutions. In different contexts, AIDPS has worked on migration and displacement issues, to forge partnerships between humanitarian and development actors and find durable solutions at the local and national level.

This includes preventing and mitigating conflicts, improving governance and access to justice, fighting poverty, providing jobs and opportunities, and implementing well managed migration policies, all in line with sustainable development goals.