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Partnerships that Support Economic Growth

Private sector funding now accounts for a large proportion of the funds entering developing countries from developed countries. The activities of the private sector have been expanding in developing countries and are focused on new fields, including public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects, base of the pyramid (BOP) businesses, and CSR activities. These efforts have contributed to creating employment opportunities, human resources development, and improving technologies.

In addition, the outstanding technologies and business ideas of Japanese companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), are making a big contribution to solving socio-economic problems in developing countries. The use of wide-ranging support schemes has already produced results that led to concrete projects.

PPPs and Economic Development

There is a growing trend in developing countries toward incorporating the expertise of the private sector into infrastructure projects that have traditionally been carried out as public projects. Based on a proper demarcation of roles and risks between the public and private sectors, public-private partnerships are implemented in order to engender greater benefits and efficiency in these projects. AIDPS supports the formulation of PPP infrastructure projects by providing assistance to perform preparatory surveys.

In PPP infrastructure projects, it is important to perform surveys as a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors from the initial planning stage while complying with the requests of the various related parties, including relevant public authorities and sponsors.