Arab Institute for Development Programmes & Studies is a non-profit organization headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, focusing on education, training and sustainable development.

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AIDPS Experts

We recognise that human capital are a strategic resource to any organisation, as a partner, we offer only tried and tested consultants that have many years of practical experience in their stated domain.

Our resources are supplemented by a pool of diverse and dynamic team of experts who are specialist in their own fields and have intricate knowledge of the industry’s which they have operated in or have partnered with.

Our Expertise

AIDPS offers a unique combination of information, analytics, and expertise. Our solutions and capabilities are augmented by a professional team of subject matter experts, analysts, and consultants.

These thought leaders provide you with actionable intelligence for expedited and improved decision making. Customers, prospects and the media outlets alike rely upon AIDPS thought leaders for analysis, forecasts, and perspectives on topics, events, and issues that impact the global business landscape.