Arab Institute for Development Programmes & Studies is a non-profit organization headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, focusing on education, training and sustainable development.

AIDPS Representatives



Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We are keen on having successful generations in the future, but or engagement with entrepreneurship goes much deeper than that. It is through our the success of the entrepreneurs we support that we contribute to a society that can grow and flourish.

We support entrepreneurship, from the start-up to the entrepreneurial elite, and with accolades including Entrepreneur of the Year.

Education & Knowledge

We actively contribute to knowledge sharing. We support research and education through a number of programmes with universities, both by contributing to research projects and by a well-established partnership for students at universities in the MENA region.

AIDPS has worked together with other stakeholders to create scholarship programmes for university students, as well as to organize foreign exchange student programmes..