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Research on Women


Objectives & Methods

Women’s Studies is less the name of an object of study—women—than a domain of inquiry including a variety of methodologies employed to address gender related issues.

Women's Studies seeks to incorporate perspectives from across the broad spectrum of the humanities and social sciences and to present the full range of feminist political and theoretical stances.


Women’s Studies as an interdisciplinary field teach how to analyze gender in its complex intersection with race, class, and sexuality. This is referred to in the field as “intersectionality.” By forging connections between personal experience and larger social institutions and practices, they orient toward a critical vocabulary that includes (but is not limited to): the sex/gender distinction; biological determinism, ideology, commodity culture, essentialism and social construction; the sexual division of labor; colonization and postcoloniality; imperialism, racialization; and heteronormativity.

The field employs a variety of methodologies both drawn from the traditional disciplines and altered when necessary for a more nuanced theoretical understanding of gender than is sometimes possible within those methodologies. For example, quantitative methodologies rarely supply the forms of nuance necessary for an understanding of intersectionality. This includes: (a) interdisciplinary methods for understanding definitions of culture, ranging from anthropology, sociology, political science, literature,and film; (b) developing skills in writing across the disciplines through a topical focus on issues central to contemporary gender studies. In addition, they (c) provide a rich understanding of the events that shape contemporary culture’s portrayal of feminism, both in the MENA region and as a global discourse about women and social change.